Coffee Press Directions

Before you start using your french press, you will need the following items:

  • About 4 TBSP of  your favorite roasted coarse ground coffee bean

  • Something to boil your water in (teapot, electric kettle)

  • A spoon to stir

1) Pour coffee grounds into the cylinder.

2) Pour hot water (but not boiling), filling the cylinder to almost an inch from the top.

3) Stir brew vigorously using the spoon.

4) Add the lid to the press with the plunger still extended. Let coffee brew for 4 minutes to produce a robust flavor. Be sure to turn the lid so it blocks the pour spout.

7) Once the timer goes off, slowly and firmly lower the plunger to the bottom of the coffee press once.

8) Once you get the plunger all the way down, turn the lid to open the spout, and pour!

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